Supply Allocation
We realize that good relations between ecosystem builders must be maintained properly and correctly. Additionally, cross-brand collaboration can help projects move forward, starting with some aspects that may require more time and consume more resources. Therefore, the partnership allocation is expected to be able to meet these needs. Even so, we will do this with full consideration so that we can produce the maximum possible results
The supply allocation that will be allocated to the partnership is 5% of the total supply.
we realize how important this is for holder convenience such as sending, selling and purchasing tokens.
one of them is to do a listing on a well-known centralized exchange
so that holders can more easily carry out transactions
The supply allocation that will be allocated to the centralized exchange is 5% of the total supply
Tax Fee
The total tax fee set by Etherpad is 5% of each transaction, and will temporarily be divided into two tax recipient allocations
  • 4% for marketing & development
  • 1% for staking rewards