Staking System

etherpad will provide eth rewards for holders who stake etherpad tokens
where is the result of the reward given by etherpad?
The reward is obtained from the results of the etherpad token transaction tax fee (1%), and transaction fees for using our utilities such as generating tokens, locking, pre-sales, etc
Lock Time
etherpad provides the best possible comfort and security for its holders, therefore we implement token staking without locking time
Reward Allocation
The proceeds from the collected tax fees will be sent to the Etherpad staking contract, and the staking contract will distribute rewards every second to staking holders depending on the number of tokens staked by the holders.
How much is the staking reward?
The amount of staking rewards is determined by the amount generated from tax fees and the time determined by Etherpad
simple example
the Etherpad token tax fee generates 10 $ETH and the utility tax fee generates 10 $ETH
then the total is 10 $ETH + 10 ETH = 20 ETH
the specified distribution time for 20 ETH is for 10 days
20 eth : 10 days = 2 eth/day
So the reward allocation that will be distributed per day to holders is 2 ETH/day. The amount of reward earned depends on the number of holders & the number of tokens staked
simple example
reward : 2 ETH/day
There are 2 holders who carry out staking and consist of:
- holder A stakes 6000 etherpad tokens - Holder B stakes 4,000 tokens
The total staked tokens are 10,000 tokens
2 ETH : 10,000 = 0.0002 ETH
then the daily reward obtained by A & B holders is
holder A
6000 x 0.0002 ETH = 1.2 ETH
holder B
4000 x 0.0002 ETH = 0.8 ETH
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